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Thread: Anyone able to help recreate this sound?

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    Question Anyone able to help recreate this sound?

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    I'm looking to recreate and use a similar sound as in Tom Misch - In The Midst of it All... you'll have to look it up manually as I haven't made enough posts to be allowed to attach a link.

    Anyone have any tips/ ideas as to how to get the sound that enters at 3 seconds in? I've gone through a bunch of samples and synth presets to try and find at least a starting point but it's not turned out too successfully. Any help or advice would be highly appreciated! Cheers.

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    Siren, noise loop (monotone), pad sound, humming vocals, Rhodes-type piano chords held on downbeats, breathy male tenor with lots of compression, "boom bap" drum groove with a bit of "swing" function added to the loop, simple downbeat bass, "bouncy" 8th note piano with accompanying electric guitar-- slight edgy distortion (tube type edge, not rock/metal distortion pedal). Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Get to work.

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