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Thread: Any idea how to make this synth bass?

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    Question Any idea how to make this synth bass?

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    I've heard it on a few track records one song is Future's "It was a drought". I'm talking about the synth bass that comes on before the song drops.

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    I just youtubed the track and to me it sounds like a lowpassed reese.

    Basically a reese is a detuned saw-wave (there are VST plugins like the Hotelsinus Reese Bassline and NI Massive), used by a lot of drum'n'bass producers (it's roots are actually in early techno tracks, originally the sound was created with a Roland Juno-106 I believe)

    To get it in NI Massive, from the top of my head; you open up a new patch, turn the unison to 3 and the pitch cutoff slider to 1/3ish in the "Voicing"-tab until the sound starts to "wave".

    I've personally aped most of my reeses from watching Sub Focus' Computer Music masterclasses (they're on youtube too!)
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