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Thread: Your Dream Setup

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    Your Dream Setup

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    It can be as meager or as elaborate as you wanna. If you dream big, then list real big...... I guess I'mma start this off......

    Production Equipment

    1. A Top of the line Apple Laptop Computer blown with Dx Instruments(Native Instruments Battery/Elektrik Piano EP-3, Whole Spectrasonics library, AAS library and any dxi that has Orchestral Strings/Horns/Winds/Percussion and ethnic sounds).

    2. AKAI MPC-3000(Fully Expanded)with CD-3000XL Rack Sampler

    3. Ensoniq ASR-10/Nord Electro 73/Motif Classic 88 Keyboards

    4. Custom Color Baby Grand Piano

    5. Electric/Bass Guitars from Gibson/Fender with an amp and all the effect pedals ever made by Boss. Add an Acoustic/Electric and a Classical 12-String Guitar to that list also.

    Recording equipment

    1. Apple Mac(Fully Blown)G5 Dual Core Desktop /w 30" Cinema Display Monitor

    2. Digidesign 002 Rack Studio Recording Interface /w Pro Tools

    3. Tascam Control Surface Mixer

    4. Avalon Microphone and Instrument Preamplifiers

    5. Blue Condenser and Shure Instrument Microphones

    6. Mackie 828 Active Nearfield Monitors

    7. Sony MDR-7506 Monitoring Headphones

    And all the racks, cases, stands, cables and space to put all this stuff in.
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    ...............The Mona lisa painting

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    This is my list. I'm working on it.

    Mac G5 x86 - PC for V-Stack - Additional Mac for Reason. All wired in together. Dual monitor set-up. (I'm running three computers right now)

    Vintech mic pre, Manley mic pre, Pacifica x 2 mic pres,

    UA 1176 compressor x 4, UA LA-4 with mods, SSL compressor

    Soundelux mics, U87 mic, maybe a Baby Bottle

    Apogee Ensemble or ProTools HD with Apogee card.

    MPC 4000, Fantom X8

    Some nice monitors like Adam or something.
    Macbook Pro i7, Digi 002R, JBL LSR4328, CL7602 mic pre, SM7b, GT66, ProTools 10, Reason 5.

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