Ok. I have some gear, (MPC, TRITON, DX7, and a few other boards) and i was wondering what is the best way to mix all the audio channels and record multiple tracks at a time. I was looking into an Yamaha 03d, but the Digi 002 also caught my attention. The 002 would be the more expensive option because I also need to buy a a new PC/MAC (leaning more towards the MAC) to get the best of the 002. Now I did a lot of research on both of them, and found out that the 03d has a preset template for protools control. I have some Protools software at home and was wondering if i could just get the 03d, a sound card with ADAT in and midi, record the tracks into Protools via the card, control the mix with the 03d, and skip the need to by any Digidesign hardware. Is this possible????? What would be a good setup for me? Is there somthing else i should consider, like a VS2480, AW4416???? Any advice would do.