I have roughly a 11 long X 15 wide with a 7 foot cealing clearance. I have bass traps on most of the corners in the room espacially in the rear of the immediate mixing area. I also have auralex absorption sonoflat foam on the rear and side walls. I was thinking of getting more panels in front walls of my mixing area as well as some on the cealing. The foam I already placed in the room is making a difference in my mixes, but I do not want the room to be too dead sounding. So On the cealing (which I'm going to start with 6ft by 8ft coverage) I thought about putting difusion panels behind my mixing position and then put some absorption panels in front of the mixing position. Or I was thinking that if I putting both difusion and absorption panels in a checker pattern to balance out the room. I also have an exposed air duct that I'm planning to cover with foam. Any suggestions would help.