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    Exclamation What to do!?

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    Hey All --

    I need some help here, and it would be GREATLY appreciated if someone could assist me. I'm learning how to use each piece of equipment seperately and im getting the hang of it, its the whole "putting it all together" thing that i dont know what im doing.

    I just got a new setup for makin' beats. I got an MPC2000XL (32M Ram, CD, ZipDrive), a Triton LE, a M-Audio Quattro, and Cubase SL, and an 8 channel Behringer mixer.

    First off :

    1) Did i purchase a good setup afterall?

    Second :

    2) In what order should it be hooked up and how would YOU do the recording and stuff if you had this?


    1) Anyone live in the Vancouver BC area that wants to help me out for a couple hours? I'll pay and we'll chill and stuff.. email me : or reply to this!

    Thanks for your help everyone!!


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    If you want to use you're MPC as the master sequencer:

    Using MIDI cables:

    MPC MIDI out 1 to Triton LE MIDI in

    MPC MIDI out 2 to PC MIDI in (if you want to record and edit MIDI data in Cubase)

    Using audio cables (jack to jack)

    MPC Audio outs (a stereo pair unless you've got the extra output board) to a stereo channel on your Behringer mixer

    Triton LE audio outs to spare mixer channels

    PC audio outs to remaining mixer channels

    Now if you want ot record your tracks into cubase SL for mastering etc see if you've got a 'bus' (assignable set of outputs) on your mixer. On my (16ch) behringer mixer its labelled 'Alt 3/4'. If you connect the bus' audio out to your soundcard input you can then record any channels that are routed to the bus, usually by pressing a button above the fader on the channel you want to record.

    You should be able to get pretty good results with this setup, as theres loads you can do with vst plug-ins once you've recorded stuff in to the pc. Theres actually loads of free plugin fx and synths of various quality on the web . . . just search for 'free vst plug ins'

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