Hey peeps. I was wondering if there was a better way to MIDI rig this setup I have because it seems like I would have to do some uneccesary saving of songs. Bare with me please!

MPC2000XL IN A----->PC out
MPC2000XL OUT 1---->PC IN
PC IN-------------->TRITON THRU

Let me explain my method. My MPC is my sequencer. At this point in time it will be sequencing midi from the triton and reason software in my PC. I am triggering sound of the Triton with the Triton keyboard and the MPC will also trigger triton sounds (drums) The Triton will also trigger sounds of Reason in my PC. Cubase is MIDI rigged currently soley for recording purposes. No Midi is recorded. I just use the MIDI rig so the timing during recording is on point. Now it seems like if i were to do a song that didn't use the triton but used reason in which I triggered the sounds from the triton then I would end up having to save the setup in the Triton, MPC, and Reason. It might not seems clear but please try to understand what I am doing. And if I sound dumb, sorry.