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Thread: Tannoy Reveal Passive ? Suggestions for passive monitors? Vintage Studio Monitors ?

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    Tannoy Reveal Passive ? Suggestions for passive monitors? Vintage Studio Monitors ?

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    Hello Members,

    Lastly I've seen a pair of Tannoy 5" passive monitors going for 140.
    Surprisingly they've a 6,5" bass driver.
    However has anyone experienced these monitors ? Are they good ?

    I tried to find the name of the monitors but i can't find it, it seems like Tannoy isn't selling them anymore, They're btw red(ish).

    And please give me some Suggestions for cheap PASSIVE Studio Monitors (because I've a beast amplifier, which i can't sell)

    For the Professors out there, I'm mostly producing Tropical House, and Late Night EDM.

    And lastly thoughts about "Vintage Studio Monitors" ?

    Thank you

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    I think they're decent enough budget monitors - but they were never expensive in the first place, so 140€ is more or less what I'd expect them to go for. I certainly wouldn't pay more.

    And vintage speakers? If they're good sounding, and not about to break down any time soon, I don't think it matters whether they're "vintage" or not. While speaker technology has advanced from the perspective of effectiveness and being able to work in acoustically tricky spaces better, the end result - faithful reproduction of sound - hasn't gone through any super radical changes in the few past decades. Good speakers from the 80s or even 70s can still be good speakers today (and I suspect we're talking more like "early 00s" vintage here anyway...).

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