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Thread: Which speakers should I get?

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    Which speakers should I get?

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    I am looking for new studio monitors as I sold off my studio in a moment of weakness and am just now able to start putting together a better version so that it might rise like a phoenix from the ashes of my mistakes. So: I produce primarily trap, rap, hip-hop and friend's metal and industrial bands as well as dabbling with Breakcore, Dubstep, Indie and Pop. This means I need a set of monitors capable of a range of things, but primarily I want accuracy on all bands. For me I think it is down to either Neumann KH120's and the Sub or Focal Twin6 Be's and the Sub6. The Neumanns are my first choice solely because I like the idea that they are cheaper, lol. They will be run from an Apollo 8 quad in a sound treated and professionally double checked (I have the software to analyze the room, but it is always good to get a professional's second opinion) and run in a setup with a big knob so I can switch between just monitors, monitors and sub or mix cubes. Running Reaper off of a custom tower running an i7, 16 GB RAM and SSDs. Using primarily UAD plugins, with Native Instruments plugs, Trillian, Miroslav Philharmonik (Eventually), and an enormous and organized library of soundfonts, wavs and kontakt files (Drums, Instruments, SFX, Vox, Soundscapes, etc.)

    Help me build my new studio so I can post dope pics. Because we all know that's all that really matters. The approval of strangers on the internet.

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    Don't build your studio 'cause you want to "stunt." Internet approval is a byproduct of narcissism that predates social media. What was your moment of weakness that made you sell off your studio?
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    use whatever works best for you man. You need to be able to vibe with your equipment

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    This stranger approves of each of those choices.. My buddy who builds and sells this kinda stuff always says the Dynaudio speakers punch far above their weigth, not sure if they're in the same price segment.
    I suppose at this budget, bad speakers don't exist.. it's really about what sound you like (*and what looks good in pics, lol), or rather not considering you want monitors to reveal weaknesses in your mix, not gloss them over. A decent store should set you up in a room so you can try them all.. multiple times if need be.

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