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Thread: soundcard question: digital to dual mono signal

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    I anticipate running sound out of my PC to a high-end pre-amp and amplifier cluster. The preamp is a strict dual mono design. Specs fall below this message.

    My question is this -- can the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz handle the conversion from digital to dual mono directly? If not, will I need an additional piece of hardware? Is there a better, studio quality quality soundcard with an external box I should go after? I've seen recommendations for the Midiman Delta 1010, Terratec EWS88mt, and so on. Folks' thoughts greatly appreciated.

    Specs on the pre-amp:

    THD -120dB for the AD 797

    DC to 1 Mhz -3dB
    Output 27 volts
    slew rate 2000 V/us for the BUF 634

    Input noise voltage .09 V/sqr Hz and 4nV/sqr Hz for the BUF 634

    Wide x long x tall
    25 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm
    6 dB gain for the line amplifier which should drive any amplifier to its maximum output power

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    If you have two phono outs on the back of your sound card ( left and right ) you have two mono audio streams.

    If you have a mini jack then you need to get a cable which goes from stereo mini jack to whatever the two inputs of your amp are.


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