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Thread: small budget hiphop/R&B studio

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    ok. here's your chance to help a newbie out. remember when you first started how bad you wanted to the purchase best gear you could possibly afford??. Please help set me on the right path. I have about $4,000 to spend . WHAT WOULD YOU GET!!!!!

    im getting the MPC200xl w/zip and 32meg for sure.
    need advice on:
    keyboard (midi controller) and sound module or would the Triton LE cost around the same
    16 channel mixer????
    sound Interface???
    Monitors??? (do i really need em) ???

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!



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    this isnt very good advice but i make half *** hiphop.i call it that cus i be bull****ting with my beats. anyway. dont blow out your money. if i had 4000 bucks at the start, i would have toldmyself to wait a minute and see what i can do. your making a real good choice withthe mpc but damn theres goes at least a stack or more. so as for sounds themselves, i say think about what kidn of sounds you want, you wanna create your own sounds, then a Ms 2000 by korg may be better or doyou want a straight forward good sound (by sample use) like a triton. try otu these keyboards to see the difference. when you touch an andromeda 6, you know its far from a triton. but it has the same beautifulness and the same quality. so dont blowyour money yet. find your own sound and think, do i want like an electric sound, a club beat sound, and east coast sound or whatever. best bet is to jsut try all em out and see which one you like the most. think of yourself as stevie wonder ina store. you wont know which is the triton, just the one that you like. good places to start are big boy big money names,and then if you cant afford try to find cheaper ones that can emulate. alsothink about the oldschool vintage keyboards you might miss out on. as for software, get a top brand suquencer, you got the money for it so dont get like a cutdown like cubasis when you could get cubase but if you have to do it. Reason has a learning curve especially for hip hop heads so be aware. but in the end you learn more about things in reason than others and it helps you situate how things work in the real harware world. also Reason is reall good too. you could get a nice effects box but might as well leave it to plugins for effects. make sure you get a good *** soundcard with that money. try a delta 10/10 or something with at least 4 or more analog ins and outs. also, buy more than enough patch cords, instrument cables and mic cables. and think about if your gonna need a mic. dont use your comp mic. get a real mic. hope this helped.
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    invest in your ears

    straight out man
    set like 500 bucks aside and buy some nice moniters
    you will thank yourself later
    check it
    i dont have an akai mpc though im gettin one
    i bought almost all my stuff used and saved a bundle
    heres how i look at it
    ya see not everyone has the drive to make beats and keep up with the draining mental exhaustion
    so they go out and buy all this new stuff hoping to make music but they dont have the dedication or the soul
    so they end up sellin their stuff
    usually cheap to us cats that scoop up their mistakes and turn it into love
    so open your door alittle and invest in some good second hand stuff
    now the akai i would buy new becase itll be used by most pretty much
    but alot of stuff id get used including the mixer and the synths
    i got in my setup
    a korg prophecy== used and runs sweet
    a roland sp 808 == new and is very nice
    a roland mc 505== used and i saved like 700 bucks
    a yamaha anix==used, and its perfect
    a yamaha rmix==used and its perfect
    a pioneer djm300== used and perfect
    two technics 1200s== new sorry
    a boss dr 202 == used
    a electrix eq killer == new
    korg kaoss pad== new
    a rode nt1 mic== new
    a roland pm3100 pro mixer== new
    two old school powered moniters with huge cones and funky pastel flowers
    for free at an estate sale and they work so sweet really are true
    i got some more stuff but i think i showed ya whats up
    go out and get some stuff but dont blow the whole wad on two things man
    cuz alittle while down the road youll be wanting to make maybe more then hip hop and so dont sick yourself now ya dig
    anyway good luck

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    1) Spend some money on some good monitors. You may not be able to appreciate it now, but at some point you'll thank yourself.
    2) If you're doing rap, the most important thing is the vocals. Get a decent mic. I've heard good things about the R0de mics.
    3) If you plan on recording, think about what you want to record with. If it's a computer, then you could use your computer for sequencing and other things.
    4) How many tracks are you going to record at once? If it's not that many, you may want to get a smaller mixer and save some money.
    Buying used gear is a good idea. Things you should consider: mackie 1202vlz or 1402 mixer (it's small and has good preamps which saves you from having to buy a preamp), a nice condensor mic (use your ears when you decide on what to get, the only mics I know to avoid are the Marshall MXL), I've got Event 20/20 bas monitors which are pretty good (but often my bottom end is a little muddy), and a decent computer with an Intel processor (amd's seem to have more promblems with sound cards). I sequence and record on my computer using GigaStudio and Reason and it works nicely. The MPC is a great way to go though.
    hope this helps a little

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