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Thread: Signet TK44

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    Signet TK44

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    My dad was cleaning out the attic and asked if I wanted a pair of old headphones. They are Signet TK44 Electret Condenser Stereophones. They are in pretty much unused condition. It has a pre amp box that speakers plug into. Are these any good? I'm debating on selling them if they are useless, or keeping them if they are decent. The whole method of plugging them in looks like a pain, and I haven't given them a listen just yet. Just trying to figure out if they are worthwile, or really anything about them, I haven't been able to get any info on them at all.

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    You really have to use them to determine if they are good.

    Opinions vary, there are plenty of products out there that some people like and others hate.

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