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Thread: Setting up a hip hop studio - need any thoughts.

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    Help with home studio <<< << <

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    word. I live in oregon and am in a hip hop crew currently called the earthworms but Im pretty sure were changing it before we put out a demo. We've only done 3 shows thus far but our tracks are sounding good in my opinion. Underground local hiphop.

    You can check out any of our tracks on our site and the beats are made by g_force who mainly samples records with acid pro 2. regular mic. 4 channel mixer plugged into the pc an then hes got a keyboard an an fx processor for it. uses an mpc for the drums but he makes the beats in acid? I duno why when he has the mpc but whatever. Weve been a crew for about a month and a half or so and plan on making a full cd within the year but were all going on long trips so im not sure when thats going down.

    Ok chill so now that I rambled that **** out Im planning on getting around 1000 - 1500 mid/end of summer and plan on spending all of it on a small home studio since its not much money, but what id like is any thoughts on what i could buy to get the best deal. I know i want to use a computer and dont want to spend too much on one and just get a phat HD and a good sound card. I duno if i should get a pci card for midi/recording or go USB with an AC adapter or get a nice mixer and use that plugged into the pc. For software ill get it from a bum in this backalley by my school so i can get whatever you think is best.. ive messed with acid, cubase and cakewalk and like them all but id like to stick to one and would like to see what else there is. I currently have a yamaha psr 740 and 340 keyboards and have made some chill beats on them but all in real time recording. I was thinking of converting my closet into a vocal booth sorta ghetto style but im not sure.

    Peace! if you wanna hit me up on AIM my sn is somthinoriginal9 im on alot.
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    Hit me up on AIM, I can prob. give you some recommendations
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