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Thread: Serious Cubase VST3/Recycle Problems

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    Good Morning everyone..
    I am having problems with Cubase VST.

    First and foremost.. When I set my midi device to be the US-428 (My soundcard) It doesn't record midi. I've read the manuals to the controller and there is nothing happening.

    This is how I have everything wired:

    Midi out XP-60 -------Midi In 1 US-428
    Midi out US-428----- Midi in XP-60

    I armed the midi track that I wanted, and things are not going correctly.

    I'm also having problems with setting the metronome to be at the speed I want..

    Is there a online manual? If so. I need one badly..

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    Look if the following setup in Cubase correct :

    ' Options | MIDI Setup | System '

    1 MIDI input & MIDI output: your soundcard
    2 "Input from" : the sound source has to be enabled (checked on)

    Does this give results ?

    If not, check under "Start | Settings | Control Pannel | System" ; go to the second tab, look under "Sound, video and games device settings" (or something like that) and check the soundcard properties once again.

    Does it work now ?

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    I've actually found that some midi cables are the wrong way around.

    by default the midi conecter on the device that displays out should go to the in connector on your midi cable and vice versa, but there are cables out there that are wired the other way around. Strange but true.

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