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Thread: Selling my g4 and digi001 - moving to a new level - Laptop advice?

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    I am thinking, as i use my rented laptop all the time for so much, i am going fully PC.
    Funnily enough, the most attractive option to date is an Apple clone, the Pioneer Powerbook, P3, 1 gigahertz, firewire, RW-cd option, 256 meg RAM expansion.

    I am selling all my gear (well, not all, mainly the A3000, Nord2, Mackie mixer)...and investing in a Yamaha RS7000 (which don't arrive for 2 months and cost $4k Aust.)...

    Will use Cubase, and softsynths (plus go to friends' houses and record samples of ccoool stuff like Roland SH101 etc)....

    Well, is there a better laptop for this sort of thing? (i also use a laptop for live rad VJ stuff and also for Webdesign).

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    lap top

    bad mistake going fully pc laptop go with a g4 titanium laptop and a magma external drive bay, u can run digi 001 or u can even run a full protools mix plus system 128 track protools system .... no pc in the universe can even runs protools mix dsp cards that is because pc suxs....they run 001 and nt can run pt mix laptop can come close ...u can even install multiple scsi hard drives in the magma as opposed to the 5400 rpm drive that comes with pc laptops...

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