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Thread: Seeking Advice For Bass Music/IDM Room

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    Exclamation Seeking Advice For Bass Music/IDM Room

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    Hi there, just moved into a place that has some interesting dimensions and textures..

    Right off the bat the ceiling is 8ft tall. The entrance is 3.1ft and to the left is a little 0.6 wall and beside that is a 2.5ft deep closet covered by a 3.11ft mirror slider door. To the right of the closet is a 1.7ft wall and to the right of that is a 5.10ft brick wall (to the ceiling) that goes in 1.6ft and to the right of that is a 4.6ft wall at which a 12.3ft wall connects (there is a 5.8x3.4ft width/height window), and connecting from that wall is a 13.9ft wall and connecting from that wall is 7.8ft wall and around the corner back to the entrance is a 2.9ft wall.

    I don't know anything about brick and acoustics at all but basically I am going to buy focal cms 65's CMS 65 (unless according to my room someone suggests smaller/bigger) and for acoustic treatment would you think that this would be enough?:

    x3: Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions

    Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions OR Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions ??

    Basically Im asking you guys what I need acoustic treatment wise according to my room AND WHERE I SHOULD SET EVERYTHING UP! Maybe ceiling panels would be needed too etc?


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    Im assuming this will be a mixing room based on its size. The first thing you want to take care of are the corners or the "Trihedral" and "Dihedral" areas. Thats where the low end tends to collect. Im not sure what your budget is but if this is your first studio setup then I suggest starting off with some 4 inch corner foam for those areas. After that I would suggest getting some panels to treat your "First reflective points". You can use the mirror technique to find those points. Then I would put a bass trap behind each monitor and some panels or traps on the wall facing the monitors. As far the brick goes you can either cover it with foam or some thick drapes/curtains. If you go about treating your room like this your room will be good for mixing and recording.
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