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Thread: Seasound Solo Ex8

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    I have a home studio which consists of:
    seasound solo ex8
    TC Fireworx fx processor
    Tannoy Monitors
    nord lead 2
    nord modular
    motu midi express xt
    and a p3 933 with 384mg of ram

    I used to have an athlon 1.1 ghz, but I DO NOT suggest getting one. They are VERY unstable in practically any circumstance. It has to do with the motherboard I got (abit kt7), and they still haven't fixed the bugs. ANYWAY, I was wondering if any of you would know how I could hook up fireworx processor to the solo ex? the fireworx has xlr inputs and outputs, so they don't work with the aux sends. Does anybody have any clue how to set this up? Thanks for your help.

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    if your problem is the XLR connection there is a plug that you hook up to XLR jack and then it becomes a Phone jack. It is called a translator? and can be found at most music stores. I assume the solo ex has phone jacks. They are not cheap (10 to 20$) but very handy when you want to plug different gear in a studio together and when you plug into a PA system that only has XLR.
    Sad news, sea sound folded recently so make sure you got the drivers you might need later on.

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