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Thread: running JBL monitors from RME headphone out?

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    running JBL monitors from RME headphone out?

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    The RME 802 interface has only front panel knobs for headphone outputs, no main monitor control. I'll be using this on the road & at a friend's house, so TotalMix isn't a solution, unless I'm in the studio.

    I just wanted to know if there were any major problems with running a Y-cable to go from RME headphone out -> to my left/right monitors? Then I could control the volume of the monitors from the RME front panel.

    The only other solution is to buy a $90 TC Level Pilot & and another $50+ worth of XLR->1/4 cables..
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    That is a cheap if not optimum solution, if you have the right cable. You may have limited volume. using a Y-cable to separate stereo, or to split a mono signal is fine. Just don't try to combine two signals. That is when things can get problematic.

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