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    I own:

    2 MK2
    2 CD-Players
    1 Technics SH-DX 1200
    1 RS7000
    1 Yamaha Amp P4500
    1 Omnitronic Equalizer
    2 HK Audio PR115

    Now... My question
    How can I hook my RS7000 to my equipment.
    I only want the effects of the RS7000. For example:
    Im live performing some 'House'... and I want to add some effects in the music...
    How is that possible...
    Can I hook my RS7000 between the output of the mixer and the input of the equalizer, or do I have to hook it up to the output of mixer and input it again in the mixer... (i tried it already, but i can't play loud, and theres alot of 'distortion' in the music)

    So please tell me



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    You'll need a AUX or FX SEND output to run into your RS and either a spare line-level channel, or an AUX RETURN input to take the RS7000's output. If you just everything thru the RS you're bound to hurt the overall level (as you just described). If you don't have an AUX or FX send setup, you may still have a monitor output that you can run that into the RS, and bring it back into a spare channel. Then what you do is adjust either the AUX level, or MONitor level of the channel you want to effect, then turn up the RS7000's channel or the AUX return control. Make sure you don't ever turn up the AUX/FX/MON level of the channel the RS7000 is on otherwise you will get a feedback loop that will severely hurt your ears. Of course, if your mixer has a dedicated FX return the potential for this problem is eliminated.

    Hope this helped... If you're still confused, can you maybe post a link to a picture or description of your mixer's input/output configuration? Then I could tell you specifically what to plug in where and everything.

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