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Thread: recording drums

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    recording drums

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    Hello new best friends,

    I'm a first timer to this forum(or any forum for that matter), and just spent some time surfin around a bit to get the jist of things.

    I was wondering if anyone can supply some insight for recording drums. I've learned a bit about my roomspace over time but there are still some quirks I am concerned about.

    The room is multi purpose, depending on what is being tracked at the time. Its dimensions are approx 15 X 15 X 8 ft. I have one of the large Auralex acoustical foam kits strewn about in a pattern that was more pleasing to the eye than effective acoustically I'm sure. I use Audix Fusion Series mics for the most part.

    Now for my issues....

    *snare overpowering in the overheads
    *snare "dead" in the snare mic
    *a bit more room sound overall than I would normally prefer
    *is it common to multitrack each mic individually, and mix the entire kit afterward?
    *any simple suggestions in mixing for that "up front" sound without drowning the other instruments and vocals

    Anything suggestions or tips you guys have would be greatly appreciated (room placement, mic placement, pre or post EQ suggestion, mic models, processors, etc.)

    I know the issues I seek help on are very vague with a wide range of answers, but come on.... It's my first time.

    Thanks in advance

    digi 001
    protools 6.1
    Jeff in Jersey

    In dire need of insight....

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    I suggest to post that thread on the BBS. This topic has been extensively covered there.

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    I lurk on that board. He's right.

    (FP outsourcing! I love it!)

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