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Thread: Reason/Tascam-US-122/Cubasis

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    ON MACINTOSH OS 9.2 (OMS) I am just using the tascam with Reason, and no other hard synths, i have a keystation 49 into the MIDI in as a controller for Reason.
    The US-122 came with Cubasis VST.
    I can monitor the audio imported track from Cubasis, but imported REASON midi files I cannot hear. They register as playing back through the MIDI track mixer.
    The MIDI tracks are set to OUTPUT to the US-122.

    Where should the MIDI OUT go to hear the imported MIDI files? I assume this is why I cant hear it, Ive checked all the other OMS settings, the TASCAM midi out green LED is pulsing... so it is receiving the signal.
    Referencing Cubasis and us-122 manuals covers set up for using hard synths, with the MIDI out going back to a synthesizer. With OMS for reason, theres just the controller going MIDI IN to the tascam .
    This config is confusing so i hung up a diagram here:
    This is just for now, 'til I upgrade...
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    You need to either have a midi device or load up vst instruments to replace the instruments.

    For example, if you want to listen to channel 10, you'd load up lm9 as a vsti and set the output on midi channel 10 to lm9. Some sounds may be missing though so a soft synth like Edirol's Virtual Sound Canvas or Hyper canvas should work well for listening to midi files. The microsoft gs wavetable will work also.

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