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Thread: producing accurate results (room treatment)

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    producing accurate results (room treatment)

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    wassup people, do most you work in a sound proofed & acoustically treated room when your editing your tracks..

    if you presently cant afford thousands on soundproofing & acoustic treatment is it best not to do any EQ/compression adjustments until your room is fully sorted because you'll most likely be getting unaccurate results???...

    or do some of you work with those monitors that adjust to your room acoustics?...

    thanks in advance

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    you can do it yourself cheap also, but then you got to know how to measure your room, and how to fix the problems.

    but with some mdf, rockwhool, Owens 703 fiberglass, raw wood and/or curtains, (or even old matrasses that doesn't stink!!!!, very important), you can fix your room way better than any auralex or similar stuff can if you know how to do it. (see on this tread on an other forum:

    But of course, a proffesional acoustic consultant and a team of experienced studio builders always can do it better.

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    No matter what they might say, there is no monitor that can actually "adjust" to a room's natural peaks, nodes and null points. If a room has a null point at a particular spot at a particular frequency, it's because the room is physically *incapable* of reproducing that frequency at that spot. No amount of boost from a speaker is going to make up for that - we're talking 30, 40dB at maybe 1/20th of an octave - The speaker would blow itself up long before being able to "fix" the room.

    Otherwise, it's true - An engineer can only ever be as good as his monitoring chain - which includes the room.

    Songwriters using rigs for preproduction and demo material, no big deal. Trying to actually get mixes to sound "pro" on the other hand, it's a BIG deal. The BIGGEST deal.
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