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Thread: Pro Tools - Playback

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    Pro Tools - Playback

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    hey whats up

    im currently using pro tools 6.4 on a
    pentium 4 2.8 ghz
    2 gig ddr ram and and a 200 gig hard disk

    ive been messing on pro tools with one of my beats and i have about 15 tracks set up and about 18 plug ins being used in this session.

    and when i go to play the session it keeps coming up with the playback message telling me to icrease it but i already have it set to 1024 samples and 99 percent , and i check the cpu usage limit and its peaking in the red.

    is there anyway i can solve this problem instead of just using less tracks and less plug ins. before when i had 1 gig of ram i had the same proble mand a friend of mine said that didn't have enough ram but now with 2 gig im still having the same problem.

    if anyone can help me out, its much appreciated

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    You have hit your computers limits, its time to do the old fashioned thing and bounce down some of the FX.
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