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Thread: Phatboy MIDI controller

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    Currenyl I have an Evolution MK149 keyboard which I was going to use partly to play basslines, etc. using fruityloops. I know it's possible to map certain functions to the keyboard for example 2 keys would respectively turn the LFO up and down but is this limiting when using a keyboard. Would anyone recommed the Phatboy controller used in conjunction with a keyboard and if so how would you link it up - a MIDI thru cable.

    I think it might be easier just to use the mouse to adjust things - especially in a program like fruity but was wondering what your thoughts were especially with regard to mapping these functions onto the keyboard.

    I was also a bit worried about the latency on my computer (seems to be around the 80ms mark before a bit of choppy sound starts) and this would affect MIDI control with my keyboard.
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    I have both a Phat Boy and a Native Instruments 4control

    I odnt use them much because i dont ahve much time to do music (SAD!) but the phat boy is a nice box to control Reason, Rebirth, evn my PULSAR II devices, Cubase's faders etc..

    i recommend it. its pretty cheap too
    make sure to read specs on the site though, as SOME stuff is not possible to control (sysEx and such I think)

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