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Thread: Outside Noise Reduction?

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    Outside Noise Reduction?

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    I have thin walls or some shit and outside noises drive me crazy when producing.. Any suggestions for my problem?
    Thanks in advance

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    do you own the property?

    do you have a spare $20k?

    only reason I ask these two questions is the only way that you will address your issues is to build structure within structure. And when i say structure I mean 20cm thick walls with a 10 cm air gap between them with the inner room "floated" on a surface that also does not transmit sound all that way as well as modifying the ceiling to reduce transmission in and out via it. Costly to do and only worth it if you own the place or have an extremely long lease...

    read this for more insight

    Sound Proofing vs. Sound Treatment
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    Quote Originally Posted by HipHopCreations View Post
    I have thin walls or some shit and outside noises drive me crazy when producing.. Any suggestions for my problem?
    Thanks in advance
    It is difficult for me to advise without knowing what the noises are or what your room is like...

    That being said...

    METHOD 1:

    Make sure your windows are tightly closed… seal your windows if they are not properly sealed. Heavy curtains will block sound from outside, too...

    If your window is 2'x4', get a piece of thick, dense foam cut to a few inches larger than that and shove it in the window area.

    Cover for air conditioner.

    cover/fill any holes or openings leading to outside.

    do you have radiators? seal around the pipes.

    Spray that expanding insulation stuff into your walls.

    Use common sense: wherever sound is getting in >> block it.

    METHOD 2:

    Turn your music up louder so you don't hear the noise from outside (as long as you don't live next door to me)

    METHOD 3:

    (as band coach said) If you own your property, spend a shit load of money and hire a contractor to build you a floated room (though if you live in a "standard" home, you will end up in a very tiny room with very low ceilings)

    …and, in the end, you will undoubtedly still hear noise.
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