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Thread: Ordered KRK's RP5's | is this interface good enough ?

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    Behringer used to have a bad rep, and for a reason - but people still tend to recitate the "oooh don't buy Behringer" incantation even though their current stuff is light years away from where that bad rep originates, which was somewhere in the turn of the millenium. Has anyone actually used this thing? I'm not saying the advice above isn't good, but I'm also thinking that this unit might just be perfectly ok for listening purposes. That said, it's still a cheapo unit and might prove to be troublesome in other ways (read: crappy drivers, high latency) – but DAC chips on this level aren't expensive, and the tech level of Scarlett is probably well replicable at a cheaper price point. So: not saying it's a great interface, but wouldn't just outright dismiss it either (unless there's first hand experience that it sucks) "because it's Behringer".
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    Very nice!

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