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Thread: Which one of these DIY pannels works better ?

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    Which one of these DIY pannels works better ?

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    Hi guys

    I bought this material
    Rockwool densel D100 120cm x 40cm x 5 cm
    We don't have any other thing like C703 here.

    Im going to build my own 10cm (4 inches) bass trap pannels from floor to ceiling

    however Im confused between these 4 options

    What will you choose ?

    my room dimension is 4m x 3m x 2.85 (height)


    Attached Thumbnails2fa67f482133f1c934235b73c2a03954_xl-jpgbass-trap-type-d-pngbass-trap-type-c-pngbass-trap-type-b-pngbass-trap-type-png2fa67f482133f1c934235b73c2a03954_xl-jpgbass-trap-type-d-pngbass-trap-type-c-pngbass-trap-type-b-pngbass-trap-type-png
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    I remember your last post, about frustrations and such. I saw some others as well.
    You got tips about not isolating yourself.
    Another tip: don't overthink it!
    All the stuff you post questions about is useful to keep in mind while solving issues, but they're not necessities to make great music. There's ppl that make great beats with small cheap ass speakers and very little gear for instance.
    Going too technical, buying tons of gear, all this stuff won't solve any writers block or poor mixing and/or mastering techniques.
    Read up on theory and practice this theory.
    There's producers that coach for money, that would probably help a lot as well.
    Listened to your soundcloud tracks. Never again and farsanga Dooram are not bad imo. Not my taste though. You're already on the good path if you ask me. There's improvement to be made on the mixing and mastering section if you ask me. I don't like the stereo image of the instruments on farsanga. Never again is in my opinion your best track, mix wise.
    Practice practice practice. Find the right balance between learning new theory, techniques and practicing this. Also, enjoy making music! Make it fun for yourself.
    Stop getting too technical on everything and trying to solve everything externally. My advice would be to forget about bass traps and whatnot and first start getting better with what you have. Unless you enjoy building your studio with the risk of getting even more frustrated in the end after putting in all this effort and still not getting better.

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    Thank you for your feedback pal
    really enjoyable when someone give you tips on your tracks,
    Im pretty sure my problem is mix mastering, and you right, practice practice practice

    However I really have a hard time promoting my tracks, how do you guys let other people know about your tracks ? which social media, which sites ?
    about the panels , Im going to do it, Its cheaper here than other countries

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