hello everyone. First off I just want to say thank you for making this website. I have always wanted to make music and this site has been a wonderful resource. I am a newbie which is not the most orginal thing to say on this board these days. I am working on a PC with a sound blaster audigy platinum card which I am starting to hate more and more every day. The latency really sucks and the drivers are awful. I even tried upgrading them to the kx project drivers and it seemed to cause some problems with my computer. I plan on wiping out my computer to reslove the issue and move all of my none music applications including internet to an older pc. I am also thinking about upgrading my sound card for my music pc but can't decide on which one to get. The choices are between the maudio delta 1010 or the rme hdsp 9632. I am leaning towards the hdsp because I read alot of favorable reviews and the no latency seems very very appealing. I just had a few questions that will help make my decesion easier.

Here are my questions:

1. within my search I have read that the hdsp needs abreakbox for i/o's but it seems that the hdsp comes with 1 i/o already so this means I won't need a break out box, right?

2. Can anyone give an opinion on the sound quality between the 2 sound cards?

3. With the one i/o for the hdsp, can I eventually hook that up to a mixing board or some breakout box that would provide multiple i/o's where it would be able to handle multiple instruments or would I have to get the expansion boards with the additional i/o's that rme sells?

Thanks again guys for any info you may provide.