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Thread: no Emu 1212m adat input, help!

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    no Emu 1212m adat input, help!

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    Hi, I am new to home recording so this question might sound stupid to you, but I recently purchased an E-mu 1212m pci card, a behringer ADA8000 a/d mic preamp, and a behringer ha4700 headphone power amp. I get output to the headphone amp no problem but i am not getting any input from the ADAT out on the mic preamp! Maybe i am not using E-mu's Patchmix DSP program right but i have tried for hours on end and cant get it to work! please help!

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    You need everything in sync. either clock the EMU to the adat input or sync the behringer to the EMU and run adat in both directions.
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