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Thread: New Setup

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    New Setup

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    Hey I'm getting ready to setup a studio with a more professional feel to it, well better equipment then what I already have.

    I Have probably about a $5000 budget at the most. Not including a computer and recording software, thats already covered.

    I really want the Mackie Control Universal to be apart of the studio and 8thstreet has it for $849 , and I basicly want to build around that, what equipment would you recommend for my budget I do mostly rap music. I was looking into the firewire audiophile would that be a good choice, Im looking to have the Mack control Universal, A Nice Drum Machine, Studio Monitors, Microphone , Mixer. But I dont know what type of equipment to get, could someone help me.
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    Hi Soundsafe,

    I'd recommend:

    Avalon 737sp ($2000)
    Mackie 848 (or whatever number) monitors ($1000 +)
    Digi 001 (used $500)
    Shure KSM44 (or 48?) ($800)

    whoops, no room for the Mackie Control!
    no need for that...
    rest on cables stands rack sample cd (unless you don't have a soft sampler... in which case I'd get one of those)

    ahhhh wish I had $5000 to spend

    (you can also lose the KSM mic and pick up the Shure SM7 for the underground sound and still ahve enough left over for a MPC1000)

    (you could also lose the Avalon and go with Great River MV1 and a FMR RNC combo which will save you $500 and get you arguably better results)

    choices choices.. I'm going to go and look through my sweetwater catalogue again before I go to bed
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    I think you should get:
    A mpc 1000
    Motif ES6
    A usb zip drive
    A turntable
    alot of old records
    fantom-x rack
    mackie monitors
    mackie control

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    Look into the Yamaha 01X ... oh yes

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