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Thread: New MIDI Keyboard advice

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    New MIDI Keyboard advice

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    My Remote Sl 25 is on its last legs (knobs and faders doing weird things), so I am going to get a new keyboard. I currently have a Yamaha CP33 as my main keyboard, which is 88key piano action. I am thinking on getting a Remote Sl 25mk2 49 key to round things out. I have a couple questions:
    1. Any reason to get 61 key for a 2nd keyboard? I am a piano player and I am used to using weighted keys to input most parts, and I can always use both boards simultaneously if I need to orchestrate a big part. Any real advantage to having a 61 key if I already have a bigger keyboard?
    2. In terms of studio layout, whats the best way to set both up? Right now I have my 88key to the left of my desk on a keyboard stand, so I just turn my chair to use it, or just use my left hand. I use my 25key right on my desk in front of my computer. The 49key may be a bit big to sit on my desk, so would it be a good idea to just get a 2nd tier for the keyboard stand?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    It seems you yourself have to come up with some decisions! Do you want one in front of you or do you mind to the side? Does a lot of your work need multiple octaves for instruments/synths or only every once in awhile?

    Personally, 25 keys isn't enough for me - and I don't even have a ton of training on piano. If you've already got a full sized hammer action keyboard, IMO a good compliment would be a semi-weighted 49 key if you can fit it in front of you. For me personally, a keyboard directly in front is really nice for quick access, and you can easily turn to the 88 key to get a full on session going if need be. Also, semi-weighted is nice for synth work since a lot of other instruments / synths aren't played like a piano, and sometimes a full weighted keyboard can make you too used to playing the instrument like a piano rather than what it is.
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