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Thread: Need Input on design / gear

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    Need Input on design / gear

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    I have decided (and started) to build a home studio to give me somewhere to relax, and start to enjoy mixing and music (enjoy again; I do live PA and spin professionaly, not full time; and I was getting a little burned out by my schedue).

    What I've done so far: They don't make 3-turntable consoles! Well they do, and they are not cheap, so I built one. So now there's (3) 1200's going thru an old MTX club mixer (yeah yeah; it was laying around). into a Kenwood poweramp (cheap) into (2) Celestion semi-pro monitors. There is a sub mix going into a behringer comp, then the a Dell Poweredge 350 w/ audio codecs on it (was toying around w/ the idea of a net radio station). There is a MD in the loop for recording.

    What Now!?!?!

    My goals: lay some mix CD's. Maybe create some original tracks (been shopping on E-bay for Synths; Dx7's and the like N3's) to use a midi controllers ('cause I know I need one althrough I know nothing about midi);

    Mixing to the MD is great, or is it? Is that the right way togo? Should I have a program comp on that?

    I have an (old!!!) yamaha MC2404 console; should that be donated to the cause?

    This is like shameful since I have mixed live bands and spun records for almost 20 years and I know NOTHING about studio gear.

    What I want: to build a project / post-production / mixlab studio on a budget. In a limited space. Somewhere to create and get away from what makes life unbearable: reality. But my ideas are spinning and I'm lost.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    You have got alot to cover here. First up recording your decks:
    Record straight into the computer, MD is a lossy format and you can hear it in the final product. They are great for quick fun stuff and personal use but not for professional recording.

    Second: if you want to start producing try some software then if that isnt for you try some hardware, bets if you have mates/pro audio store where you can mess around and see what you like.

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