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Thread: Need help with my setup

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    Question Need help with my setup

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    Hello guys, I'm new here! I was browsing thru the forum and I have to say I'm amazed about quality content here. It feels like a very nice community!

    I'm producing music at home, and I would love to further my potential by adding two monitor speakers to my setup. The thing is, I've read and heard many different methods about how to hook up your system and it didn't helped me narrow down what I want. Setting up a rig is to my opinion dependent of your personal taste and methods. There are of course some fundamentals that you should not skip in order to achieve a desired quality.

    Here's a picture of my setup:


    I was planning on investing on an instrument amplifier, but I already have a dedicated soundcard that I bought some years ago. A SoundBlaster Audigy Rx/5. I can get proper cabling to hook them up directly to the soundcard, or to my amplifier, but I've never had monitors before and I'm uncertain about the quality in terms of sound. My Yamaha amplifier is fairly old and generic (tuner, aux, video, phono, ...), and my soundcard lacks better TRS or XLR cable connexion.

    My questions to you:

    What would be, in your opinion, the best method to add two monitor speakers into my system? Would just connecting a new instrument amplifier directly between the pc and the monitors be the most reliable way to proceed, in terms of sound quality?

    Your input would be much apprieciated!

    Have a great afternoon!
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    Could you define what you mean by "instrument amplifier?"

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    Oops my bad I used the wrong term. The thing I was referring to is an audio interface, like for example a Scarlett 2i2 from Focusrite.

    Pardon me for the mix up.

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