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Thread: Need help choosing cables ASAP

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    Need help choosing cables ASAP

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    I know I could save money making my own... but I have a feeling I'd mess it up and waste time and money in the end (both of which I lack haha)... I have a project that needs to be done soon, and want to be "wired up" as quick as possible, though not breaking the bank.

    So can you guys help me choose the appropriate cables for my small home studio setup?

    My gear consists at the moment of:
    - PC with an Echo Mia soundcard (balanced in/outs)
    - Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro compact mixer
    - Yorkville YSM1p active nearfield monitors
    - Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard
    - Furman PL-Plus line conditioner
    - 1 pair of 1/4-to-1/4 6.6 ft Monster Studiolink 500 interconnect cables
    - Will be adding a Mic (considering SM58, Studio Projects B1/C1, etc)

    The rest of my cables are between "ok" and "lousy"... and I need to replace them with high quality but affordable cables. I've heard good things about Mogami, but I have no clue which specific cables to choose for the specific applications, or where best to buy them (premade). I know I will need balanced, because my mixer/gear is pretty far from my computer to minimize excess noise from the fans and whatnot (about 20 ft).

    I'll need:
    - Four balanced 20' (to/from soundcard)
    - One XLR Mic cable (10-15')
    - Two 6' (either for keyboard or monitors - the other would get the 6' Monster cables I have)
    (all are 1/4" to 1/4" except the mic)

    I'm hoping to keep those cable purchases within or around a budget of $200 if possible.

    Thanks... your help is greatly appreciated!

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    check this out! these are *very* good...
    best, lasher
    no brain no pain

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    I agree with Lasher; Klotz cables are very qualitative.
    I feel MOOG'ed today...

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