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Thread: Need feedback on set up. Help!

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    Need feedback on set up. Help!

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    Not well versed in production and sound. Is a 8 x 5 ft closet with a clothes behind a mic suitable for solid vocals?

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    Hey there,

    I hope that I can help clear some of the confusion up for you!

    I've tracked vocals in many different environments, and what I've found through my experience is that the best sounding vocals I've tracked are performed in a larger space (ex. 15' X 20' X 10'), in the center of that large space, with acoustic treatment on gobos directly behind me.

    I know the idea of working in a closet is to get that "dead" sound, but after use of compression you'll find your vocals having artifacts from the close reflections of the room that you are in. This is not to say that recording in this space won't give you solid results, it's just not ideal.

    However, if you personally feel comfortable performing in that space because it's private, and you feel that you can open up more, then by all means it would make more sense for you to track vocals there because performance > quality most of the time.

    My advice if you are going to be tracking in the small space, is to have your back against the wall and perform to the room, rather than the performing facing the wall.

    Is that helpful?

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