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Thread: My Studio setup :)

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    Smile My Studio setup :)

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    Hi all

    Its been a long struggle for me but finally got my small studio setup. My current space is limited so don't have a lot a room. I'm mostly a Flutist, I use various bamboo , Native american, and other style flutes in my work, My music probably falls under New Age, and Ambient Style.
    The setup I currently have are two roland Vs2480cd recorders both have a 17inch vga monitor, only my main vs2480 has a Keyboard and mouse. I also have a Roland Mv-8000 which is used for sampling or sequencing then it usually mixes into the Vs2480. I choose the vs2480 because I like the editing screen layout, and of course the sound from these units I don't really have to buy extra outboard gear. I just concentrate on having a few midi modules for vst I do have two muse receptors my 3 main keyboards are a roland Phantom 61 key, and Roland V-synth and a Korg Karma Keyboard. Eventually for extra support I plan to add a Macbook pro this year hopefully. My main studio monitors a pair of M-audio Ex66 I also use a pair of roland dm-20 monitors connected to my mv-8000 I just use headphones on my second vs2480. I mostly been a pc guy so it took awhile to learn the vs2480's but worth it.

    I plan to post pictures of my setup eventually. for Mics I use several M-audio mics. I also have a monitor connected to my Mv-8000 which is a awesome tool. I don't have any outboard compression gear, just a few single processors and midi modules. this setup works well for me at the moment . My other favorite insturment the I use is an Akai Wind Insturment controller.

    Any other vs2480 or mv-8000 users out there ?
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    Wanna sell one of those VS? j/k You def have a nice variety of stuff.

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