I'm doing some more research on Studio cards. Currently, my setup is:

*Regular Presentation Mike
*Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Platinum
*4 Channel Mixer
*Cubase SX 2.0
*Reasons 2.5
*Cool Edit Pro 2.0
*Wave Lab 5
*Roland JV-1000 Keyboard
*Yamaha S80 Keyboard
*Fender Squire Guitar
*Poper Stoper
*100watt powered big PeavY aMP
*Two 300watt powered amps

I'm looking for a better card and I ran into cards like the Delta 66 and the MAudio Audiophile 192 64-Bit PCI Audio Interface. But I also ran into the Emagic A62m USB Audio Interface. Now I spoke to someone who said that it's better to get a USB sound card rather than a audio card because you get away from all the fans and the noise that may be internal with the card, eliminating the hum and hiss that you may get if your using a audio card. Is this all true and what do you recomend?