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Thread: MPC 8 Out??

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    MPC 8 Out??

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    I got the Akai IB-48P (8 Analog out) card. Now if I have a keyboard hooked up to my MPC 4000 through midi. Can I or is there a way to get the sounds from my keyboard to go out through the 8 out card on my MPC?

    Please give me some ideas on how or what I should do.

    Equipment list;
    Mackie D8B
    Mackie HDR24/96
    MPC 4000
    Korg Triton

    The MPC is going 8 out to the D8B and the Triton is going Midi in & out to the MPC and the D8B is goin optical in & out to the HDR (3 cards) and the word clock out and into the HDR.

    Also, what would be a good mic to use for recording hip hop?


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    You'd have to hook up your audio ourputs from one instruments to the inputs of the other. So if the keyboard you talk about is the Triton, the Triton's outputs would go into the MPC's inputs. Whether the MPC will monitor the sounds through one of its outputs and which ones depends on the MPC and whether it can route the sounds to specific outputs.

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