Is any one using the new 896HD (192) or has anyone heard negative views on the HD. I am researching this piece to use with Nuendo 2.0 and a GT57 mic which I am also researching.

I was told the GT57 could be preferred over a Rhode NT2. Can anyone validate this claim. I understand there are no absolutes when judging comparable mics, as your music style, the person behind the mic, and the producers personal opinion play a heavy role. Your thoughts, however are still appreciated. I have heard the NT2 ($400); excellent mic for price range. I have not heard the GT57 ($500).
These are both true condenser mics in the same price range. I believe they both have multiple patterns.

I am moving from a Layla 24 to an 896HD to gain preamps, conversion quality, and versitility. I guess I am having a hard time find information on this piece becuse it is so new (?).
I have heard the obvious so far, the 896HD is superior to PT 002 (from a hardware perspective). Does any one disagree with this? If so, I would like to know why, as I may have overlooked or not been informed of an important point.

There is a guy who posted somthing negative about the 896HD on, I think, and another site that shares their review list. However, I belive he is talking about the OLD 896 SYSTEM. He mentions haveing the piece for just under a year.

Other than these and general information I have no other sources. Can anyone provide additional information?

Music style: Hip-Hop
Budget: $1500 - 1800