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Thread: More Studio Pics!

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    More Studio Pics!

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    Imma newbie and I love lookin at studio ill start a new thread on it!.....but imma moron and I dont know how to add pics! :confused:
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    the full list of code to use is here there's a lot you can do to say the least....

    guess i'll post a pic of my project studio's "work in progress" status:

    the big version is here complete with labels for gear and for a general synopsis, you can just browse the directory....most of the images are before i cleared out a second room on the floor to work on it before i started building all the tables and desks for gear....what's not shown is my g3 or the behringer ultralink....the mac i haul back and forth between my house and the studio (i have a second building on my property that i'm using the second floor as the studio) as i only have one mac to do a lot of jobs (i make my living as a web designer aka html and flash stuff)....the ultralink i don't need just yet so rather than pile even more stuff up that would need to be moved around it's comfortably living in it's box.

    sorry to tose of you who visit were-here frequently as i posted the images there yesterday
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