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Thread: Monitor Speaker placement in an asymetrical room

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    Monitor Speaker placement in an asymetrical room

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    I have a little problem... I'm looking to buy some monitor speakers to both listen and to also produce music on. The music I listen to is EDM with quite high amounts of bas, like Hardstyle, Psytrance, Drum & bas, House, dubstep and so on. What speakers could you recommend to me? Ive been looking at the KRK rokits but i dont quite know yet
    now to problem... My room pretty asymetrical with wierd corners and shieet.

    OVERHEAD VIEW: imgur: the simple image sharer

    3D VIEW: imgur: the simple image sharer

    sorry, im not the best drawer but i think you'll get the idea. from corner to corner the room is about 5 meters, and in the sticking out box area (E) its about 1,2 meter wide and 1,5 meters deep.

    so... Where is the best place to locate my speakers to get the best sound? what speakers are most optimal for my room and musicstyle, krk rokit 5/6 maybe? and one other thing... do i need som kind of woofer to go with my speakers or will that just make the base, for instance, sound blurry/bad in a room like mine.

    sorry for wack writing and spelling mistakes and so on...

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    Is the area E big enough for a desk and speakers? If not won't u just put you setup against the D/A wall.

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    I would set up in front of the E wall but with a good amount of space back there (I would set up outside the actual alcove with the speakers wider than it) but only if you can treat the front corners with bass traps. Otherwise I would flip the set up so the e wall is behind you. Rokits are decent speakers, the HS80Ms are normally touted to be great speakers for mixing for the price and since Yamaha just released the new HS8s to replace the 80Ms, B&H has the now discontinued Yamaha HS80Ms for over $100 cheaper each than they are retail, so I would look to that.
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    Get the monitors away from the wall a little (mine is at 120cm off but less will help.)
    If you set the monitors close to the wall you will get a lot of artificially (or room) boosted low end/bass.
    Also; if you can afford it, try get some sound panels. Or google how to make some sound panels on your own.
    Where to place your desk and speakers? On the BA or the DA wall maybe. And if the room is big enough, dont set the desk and monitors totally to the wall as mentioned.

    Finally; warning. I ainīt no expert
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