Let me get yall thoughts on this..
I'm have some hardware stuff, but I do not wish to run them into my computer (I like the sound of my preamps).. I use fruityloops (yall know), and I woud like to make all my stuff act as one piece, being driven by the cubase, but mixed on my analog mixer.. Critique my wiring setup.

Midi First: I'm using a Tascam US-428 audio interface/midi controller

I have two controllers. My XP-60 and My SPD-6 The midi outs of these go to the midi ins on my interface..

I have the outputs of my midi inteface going to the in of my XP-60 and SP-808..

Now Audio..
Is is possible to run all these sources stereo into the mixer for recording to Minidisc. Do you think that it is better to mix using the US-428 and midi, or to mix using my analog console?

Thanks in advance for all your help..