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Thread: MIDI Metronome Solution? needed ..

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    MIDI Metronome Solution? needed ..

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    I wasnt sure of the right forum for this question but ... could use some help and wondering if somebody can point toward a product or solution:

    We are working with a setup where we have a live drummer sending MIDI triggers out to a program called InTime ....

    InTIme tracks the MIDI info coming from the drummer, locks to the BPM it senses, then sends EXT Sync info to Live 5 so 5 can track the fluctionations

    It works really well... only thing is, the drummer wants to set the initial BPM using a device that does two things:

    1 - Sends MIDI out info to InTime to "tap off" and set the initial BPM, and

    2 - Allows him to hear a click track from that point on that plays at that BPM thru the song

    he DOES NOT want to hear a click coming back from InTime or Live that reflects his swing as he plays it ... so the click needs to come from something external to the system

    We saw the Yamaha Click Station but this has only MIDI IN port. No MIDI out. Of course this could be done with a laptop but that seems overkill for the job

    Suggestion? OR does anybody know of any other boards where mad scientist types that are good with MIDI would have ideas?

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    You mean you just need a plain hardware metronome with midi out?

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