I'm having a horrible say- I've been producing for several years. Digging, sampling, programming drums, playing keys, etc. etc.
I often use a triton, which unfortunately isn't mine. I've realized that I need a keyboard of some type with ambient sounds, realistic sounds, whatever i could use for ambient/trip-hop. However, I, as many others, have a horribly low budget and I have no background on MIDI really. So I was wondering if any of you could help me to plan some type of strategy to get my ish together. As far as sound modules go, I'm interested in a Proteus 1000 or 2000 or maybe some of the cheaper emu models. What type of midi controller/keyboard could I use for that? Remember, the cheaper the better... so i mean, would some of those 100 dollar or less midi controllers work with a Proteus module?
Would I be better of with just a midi controller and software synths?
Are there better modules out there?
Should I just buy a proteus keyboard or something?
If any of you can help out, thanks in advance.