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    I have one MID in port on my soundcard. AT the moment my keyboard MIDI out is plugged into the MIDI in on the computer.

    I have a Korg ES-1 sampler that I would also like to connect and possible use the knobs for use in fruityloops. Unfortunately I do not have a MIDI out from the computer to the MIDI in.

    Firstly, is this the right way round of doing things or should I be using MIDI thru.
    Secondly, is one MIDI port on the computer enough for this and if ot, how can I adapt the existing single MIDI in to a MIDI in and a MIDI out?

    Equipment: Evolution MK-149 keyboard, Korg ES-1 sampler, Computer and software (generally fruityloops)

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    You need a midi out on your computer.

    This will enable note on messages (i.e. when a key is pressed) to be sent from your keyboard into your computer based sequencer which should be set to send midi messages on specified midi channels to trigger your ES-1 as well as any other kit you own as this can be connected via the midi through of your ES-1 (If it has one ???).

    What soundcard do you use on your PC, the SB LIve range are quite cheap and will probably suit your needs.

    Hope this helps !

    It's what you're Looking At !

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