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    i'm gettin my ****ty windows ME operating system fixed soon... i got a book "The Midi Files" ,i recommend this to everyone... i've been using fruityloops for a while now... i want to get a good midi contoller to be able to play basslines and all the other wonderful **** you can do with a keyboard... but... i don't really want to buy something that will limit me in the future ya know?... i don't have a sampler or anything... just fruity... i am interested in getting something that will be able to contol some sound modules and a good sampler eventually, i'd like it to control them in a pretty beefy way... basically i don't want to **** up and buy some **** for $100 bones missing somethin' that would be nice to have once i learn some more about production... i like to work with the computer... i'm just ready to expand ya know?... let me get some ideas or thoughts on the situation... take it easy.......
    take it easy.....

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    Miditech Midicontrol

    its a nice controller keyboard if thats what u look for.
    4 octave keyboard highlighted with a 12 programmable knobs on its top panel. all the control u need. but it has a toyish feel and looks
    around 280$us i think

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