Sup people its been a minute,
I got myself a mackie 1202Vlz and I basically wanna set it in a way that I can Hook up my Delta44 soundcard and my Dj setup so I can still record my mixtapes. I also wanna be able to send the sound of cubase to the headphone, and be able to record artist when they wanna bust flow in the studio. But for some reason I can set it up properly.

If that wasnt clear let me rephrase, I have a delta44, dj equipment, Mic and a Mackie 1202VLZ. I wanna be able to record the sound from the computer and from my DJ setup. I also wanna be able to record artist, I a way that I can record only the artist voice and not the instrumental on top of it (basically send the sound from the computer(cubase) to the headphones and record only vocals on another cubase track)

Anybody using mackie can tell me how to hook it up and what should I do to do so...