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Thread: Luna 2 or Echo Layla24?

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    Cards dilemma... ;)

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    Hi !
    I'm interested in creating Trance music with as much as possible software synth/effect available today + being able to control and record several external untis to my computer.
    When I asked which Sound-Card should I buy I was reffered many times to the Layla24.
    The layla2 costs much more then the luna2 2496 so my question is -

    What are the benefits of buying the more expensive Echo products (such as Layla24) Over the Luna2 2496?

    Does the Layla24 offer any advantages over the Luna2 + the 2496 breakout box?
    I know both use converters from the same manufacturer (AKAMI) and that those of the Layla24 are slightly better, but convertors dont cost that much and cant explain the gap in price!
    Furthermore the luna2 comes with the creamware environment which is far more superior AND with THREE DSP processors!! (those alone are more attractive to most ppl then a slight improvment in D/A A/D converters quality)

    If anyone could point me to any PROS in the layla24 that could justify its price Or CONS in the Luna2 2496 I would be very grateful!

    - In this question i've used for the example the more expensive Layla24, but my dilemma consist of other card which cost more and offer less than the luna (has no programmable dsp etc.) cards such as the -
    MUTO 2408MK2

    Aardvark products

    Delta 1010 (mybe not cheaper but in the same price rate)


    Should I buy the Luna, or would I be enlightened? Plz help!

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    As a happy user of Pulsar 2, I'd go for Creamware cards.

    Although with 3 DSP's you'll run out of power pretty fast - don't even dream about any synths or samplers on Luna 2.

    Still the new V.3 software for Luna 2 should rock, it comes with the same excellent Masterverb as Pulsar2, among other nice fx, and you should be able to run enough of them for many purposes.

    Btw. I'm actually considering replacing my Supernova 2 with another Pulsar 2 or even Powerpulsar - I just love having everything in one controlled, modular space. + these synths sounds better than any V/A synth I know

    Toni L.

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    Originally posted by Funktastico
    As a happy user of Pulsar 2, I'd go for Creamware cards...these synths sounds better than any V/A synth I know

    Although I LOVE my Pulsar II and am considering adding a PowerPulsar (15 DSP) and an A16 Ultra (16in + 16out 24Bit box), I have to say I still believe my Access VIRUS B sounds awesome compared to Pulsar synths...

    BUT as a soundcard, and for sampling, signal routing, mixing, recording, and FX, I LOVE my pulsar.

    3DSP is definitly not much... If you like the Layla, go for it.. if you just need I/Os and a solid ASIO latency it should be perfect.

    If you go for creamware, then get at least 6 DSP.

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