Hello all. I'm a long time reader, but I don't usually post unless I need expert help. Since you are all usually very informative and helpful, I figured I'd ask for some tips on getting the best possible sound while not spending an arm and a leg to achieve it.

I started off just doing electronic beats (hiphop/techno) after I got Reason for my birthday a few years back. Lately I have been wanting to record vocals, but my soundcard just isn't making the cut. Here are the specs of what I have at the moment.

2.4 Cel
256 Mb Ram
40 Gig
Soundmax soundcard

Sure, it isn't very impressive, but I have managed to purchase some great software for my computer like Cubase and Cool Edit, and I also have access to protools thanks to the school I go to. Here's the problem: My current soundcard is chock full of latency problems, and I just can't seem to make a clean recording without that little tiny buzzing sound in the background. I was hoping you all could suggest a soundcard that will be able to let me record in real time (without any lag!). I don't care if it sucks up every bit of ram I have, at least I can get a nice recording out of it. I am going to sell my digital 4 track to get enough money together to buy this equipment, but I want to make sure I am getting the best of what 100-200 dollars can buy.

Am I crazy? Will I be able to find something in that price range? I'm sure someone here knows more on the subject than I do, and I thank any of you who reply to this in advance for your help. Also, are there any good mixers I should look into purchasing?