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Thread: Looking for Home Studio Speakers

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    I've got a pair of Ricco speakers, bot got the stats but they're fine for the job. Think going over priced sometimes isn't worth it!

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    I eventually went for the Yamaha HS8s, and while it's still early days, I'm very pleased with them so far.

    I had the same consideration as B-side points out: I need bass, but I'm in a small room (will expand soon though), which by accident seems to work acoustically, lots of angled soft surfaces etc.
    I figured smaller monitors wouldn't give the detail I need, but a dedicated subwoofer would be overdoing it, be more expensive and a ***** to work with. So 8 inch it was... so far, the bass doesn't seem out of proportion for the room.

    I compared these to speakers in the same price bracket, like JBL, KRK. Some cheapers ones (the M-audio stands out there). But I prefered these every time: I love how these deal with the high-end, it seems very open and naked.
    I also felt the bass wasn't overly hyped and surprised that a lot of speakers actually do that. I love bass, you can totally make just a bassline and call it a 'song' for me. I'm with that. But I don't like artificial bass-weight so that's a big no for me. It's not a dig on those speakers though, a lot of people swear by them and they make great music on them. Which monitors is probably a personal decision, just like some photographers like Canon, others are into Nikon.. others only mess with Hasselblad.

    Anyway from there I went a step up and tried to figure what spending a whole lot more would actually give me. That's where you get into dynaudio, adam, focal territory. But any of those would be twice as expensive for me.. if not more. IF I could spend all my money on music gear, I'd spring for one of those... but I can't. I also felt that the HS8's stacked up very nicely to those more expensive ones. Plus, they're just really nice as objects: clean simple design, built like a rock, great quality feel to all the materials and finish. It totally does not matter, since you put them in place and rarely move them or whatever... and if an ugly speaker would've been better to my ears, I'd get those. I'm not crazy. But, I do really enjoy well-made and pretty things.. so the fact that these are is a nice bonus.

    I haven't had them nearly long enough to really tell you what they're like.. You have to live with them for a while, do some actual work on them. But so far, they reveal flaws in my own mixes and reference stuff I play on it that's mixed very well really shines. I enjoy listening to my favorite records on it. A lot of people seem to think that doesn't matter, the idea is to reveal flaws so it doesn't necessarily have to sound 'nice'. I think it really does matter, because enjoying what you do is important. I figured that 'reveals my own mistakes' + 'makes stuff I really like shine' = 'good speaker for me'.

    But it's all relative. I come from relatively horrible speakers (Samson Resolv 65a, ancient.. I think they're outlawed in California). They are both harsh in the top and bloated in the bottom, the left tweeter is on life support, the domes are dented.. but I've had them so long they fit like an old pair of boots and they've served me really well. It's easy to get lost in specs and everybody is gonna make the case for 'their' brand. As far as gear goes, it's probably the most personal decision.. and the only real tip to give is: get the ones you like best in the price range you're comfortable with. If you're doubting heavily, that's probably because none really stand out to you.. so maybe postpone the decision until you find (or can afford) something that really does. Spending money just because it's burning a hole in your pocket is always a bad idea. That's kinda how I ended up with those Samson's.. so buyer beware.
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